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About Us

Who we are ?

HMTO for Food Industries, Packaging, Import, Export and Distributions:
Established in 2007, HMTO is a leading Egyptian snack food, Sweets, Dry candy and Chocolate, Automatically Produced by the latest technology in this industry in the Middle East and Africa. Its highest priorities are Innovations and producing high-quality product according to standard specifications.
The Company was able to achieve success through its various subsidiary sectors Biscuits, Chocolates and dry candy
and remains committed to support innovations by its research and innovations department and its state-of-the-art production facilities.
The company has to subsidiary factors in Giza Governorate ,  HMTO meets ever-growing consumer demands by continuously increasing its production capacity,expanding its distribution network, adding to enhance teamwork with the caliber who are very qualified and has reaching communication skills.
HMTO has In-direct presence in 26 governorates by Margin distributors within the Egyptian Arabic Republic. And export its products to 17 regional markets around the world wide.

Our vision

To be a leading competitive locally and globally company in snack food, Sweets, Dry candy and Chocolate, Automatically Produced by the most recent technology in this industry and deliver HMTO Brand name to all over world by innovating new various products, when happiness is mentioned, HMTO Name is remembered.

Our Mission

Offering a variety of innovation for new products of high quality according to standard specifications that achieve the pleasure of taste and happiness for our consumers, and new products with a competitive advantage be able to penetrate the local and global markets .



Human resources: They are the capital of the company, which must be preserved and developed by providing a suitable work environment, providing proper care, providing the necessary training courses to develop their skills and capabilities, and introducing the latest technical systems for organizing the work .

Teamwork and the spirit of co-operation

The basis of the company success represented in:
Creating and encourage participation among employees and spreading the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. The company works on this by activating a joint work plan, expressing opinions, suggestions that benefit the public interest, and holding periodic business meetings


Gain our consumers’ confidence it the priority that be taken in manufacturing of our product through achieving the pleasure of tasting and happiness.


Our customers: They are our success partners. We always work to gain their satisfaction and satisfy their desires by creating new products with the latest technological developments and with a competitive advantage, as we believe that our customers are our real wealth that we must always work to preserve and grow 

Societal responsibility

We always feel our responsibility towards our society, so we always provide job opportunities for young people and graduates and provide the necessary training programs for work, in order to achieve a balance between economic growth and social stability. We also conduct awareness campaigns for our employees and their families against Covid19 disease.


• Providing training programs for employees to improve their competence and capabilities .
• Increase and improve production capacity by using technological development.
• Expanding the distribution base within the local and Global market .
• Participation in all trade fairs around the world.
• Opening distribution outlets all over the country.
• Increase the major customer base.
• Increasing the base of products for toys that address the child according to the standard specifications.

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