About Us

About Us

About the Group
In January of 2007, the cornerstone of Hamto for Food Industries, Import & Export Co. was established using the latest technology in the production lines in food processing, where we started to produce the best types of dry desserts, which are a small bunch of the company's products,
As an expansion of our company; we established “Dublin" and "Hamto" for distribution and new production lines were added with the latest technology for the production of chocolate, biscuits, lollipops, and gums. Currently, the group producing a variety of products of various flavors that compete with global products. The company has opened new markets in Europe and Africa, Asia, and the local market.
Our vision
The group is seeking to be one of the top local and international companies working in the manufacture of sweets products while providing new types of sweets for the satisfaction of all customers in both local and international levels, where the company places an unprecedented focus on meeting the requirements and needs of its customers.
The company prepares training programs for its employees to raise the level of workers’ knowledge by giving them training courses related to food safety.
Our Mission
Encouraging the spirit of cooperation and teamwork between all employees in the group to provide its valued customers with many high-quality food products, with competitive prices to address the global and local markets by using the latest technology in the food and candy sector, to consolidate the group’s leadership in the world.
Our Goal
The company's success in providing its products with high quality, which led to a large existence of the company's products in the markets and focus on continuous research and development of our company products locally and internationally.
Quality Certificates
The company is applying the latest international quality systems which are one of the Group's main pillars in various production processes at all stages to continue to apply international standards for international quality as we obtained ISO 22000 and 9001 certificates.
La société souhaite appliquer les derniers systèmes de qualité internationaux et elle est l'un des principaux piliers des différents processus de production qui sont appliqués à toutes les étapes afin de continuer à appliquer les normes internationales de qualité internationale car nous sommes certifiés ISO 22000 et 9001.

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